Slide1“Due to the large number of highly qualified candidates this year…your application has been deferred to the regular decision pool.” DANG!! You’re in admissions limbo! The good news about being deferred is that your application will be reviewed again.

So what does it mean? In most cases, there were hundreds of qualified candidates for the early action or early decision round than allotted spots for ED/EA. Although you were not admitted this round, admissions believes that you are a competitive candidate and wants to review your application with the larger, regular decision pool. The GOOD NEWS…you’re still in the game!

Now what? Read the admissions letter carefully! Many times the school lists exactly what they want you to do, or what they don’t want you to do. Abide by this!

What you can do?

  • Send an upbeat email ASAP to your regional college representative letting them know that the school is still your top choice. Keep it short and be positive. Do NOT say that you are disappointed.
  • Ask if there is any additional information that you can send to support your application. Follow through.
  • If you have additional SAT/ACT scores that show improvement and were not submitted initially, send these official scores
  • Send your official mid-year grades
  • Share any new significant involvement in a club or activity and/or leadership role in an existing activity.
  • Send any new honors or awards
  • Ask the rep if visiting the campus (for the first time or again) would be valuable
  • Talk to your guidance counselor. Let him/her know what you have been up to outside the classroom. Admissions sometimes call guidance counselors for updates.
  • Keep your grades up!

What NOT to do!

  • Don’t send an email or additional information if admissions specifically states not to! This is very important. If they say they don’t want it, don’t send it!
  • Don’t catch senioritis! Keep your grades up. Guidance counselors often receive calls from admissions to update them on students’ current grades
  • Don’t send voluminous information that duplicates what has already been said or submitted. Sometimes a thick file raises a red flag.
  • Don’t be a pest!



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Admissions limbo…for now!
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