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The college search and application process is complex and can be overwhelming for many high school students and their families. Admissions on Track can help with some of these key areas of the college admissions process.

Personalized College List

Traecy spends 20-percent of her professional time visiting colleges and universities throughout the United States. She regularly tours 25-30 college campuses per year, attends information sessions and meets with faculty, admissions representatives and deans. As a college counselor, her firsthand experiences along with professional resources help her identify colleges that match the student’s academic, social, and financial needs.

The College Visit

Visiting campus is the best way to “get to know” a college. Traveling to a dozen or more college campuses is time consuming and can be expensive. Doing your homework before your visit is key. Admissions on Track shows students how to research colleges and what to do while on campus and when they get home.

College Essay

For many students, the college essay is the most daunting part of the college application process. The college essay gives students the opportunity to tell admissions counselors something unique about themselves that cannot be found anywhere else on the application. Admissions on Track begins by reviewing the application prompts and brainstorming with students. Then AOT helps students find their voice and tell their personal stories by asking guiding questions and offering suggestions.

Activities List

An activities list is a summary of a student’s honors, activities, leadership roles and personal experiences. Activity resumes help guidance counselors and teachers write recommendation letters, assist college representatives with framing interviews and supplement college applications. Traecy helps students highlight their strengths and present their activities in an organized format.

Interview Prep

Admissions on Track helps students prepare for on-campus and off-campus interviews by reviewing potential questions and discussing interview etiquette. Traecy meets with students individually, conducts mock interviews and follows up with personal critiques.

Support Services for Learning Differences

Students with learning differences and/or ADHD have special needs and concerns when searching for the right fit college. Traecy is familiar with the various levels of learning support and accommodations available at colleges and universities. She helps students find colleges that fit their needs with the greatest chance of academic and social success. 

Special Talent or Interest

Some students have a special talent or interest that they want to pursue at the college level. Whether a student’s talent is focused in athletics, performing arts, visual arts or a specialized academic interest, Admissions on Track can help students identify their level of interest and the necessary steps to find the right match college. AOT also assists students in writing athletic and arts resumes.

Application Review

Understanding the complexities of college applications and meeting deadlines is key. Admissions on Track helps students understand the nuances of individual college applications and manage deadlines.

The Final Decision

Once all the college decisions are in, Admissions on Track helps the individual student determine which college or university is the best fit and where the student has the best chance of success and happiness.

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