seaside-875472_1280Summer is here! If you’re a rising high school senior, take some time for fun and relaxation. You deserve it! But don’t get too caught up in the lazy days of summer. Instead, use summer to jumpstart college applications. You’ll be glad you did. Here are a few helpful tips to make the best of your summer.

  • Start your college essays now. The Common Application prompts are already available and many state schools prompts are too. Each week more schools are releasing their supplemental essay prompts as well.
  • Visit and revisit college campuses. Late August is an excellent time to visit college campuses when students are back from summer vacation and campuses are filled with activity.
  • Take advantage of interview opportunities. Interview on campus in the summer before the fall rush.
  • Begin applications. Many state applications are already available online. As for the Common Application, no need to wait for August 1 this year since the CA has a new rollover feature.
  • Prepare for the fall SAT/ACT. Focus on test prep without the everyday school demands.
  • Explore a new activity or interest. Learn something new or explore passions deeper. Run/walk a 5K, take up photography, visit a nursing home (play music for the patients or help with a craft activity), etc.
  • Read a book. Find a book you enjoy. Students are frequently asked to discuss their favorite books on college applications and during interviewers. Admissions reps often ask students what they are currently reading; what is their all time favorite book; who is their favorite fictional character? But, most of all reading is a great way to relax, escape and learn something new.

Take time to enjoy the summer months, but beware of falling victim to the lazy days of summer. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a jumpstart on your college applications, broaden your mind and hone your skills over the next several weeks.

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Beware of The Lazy Days of Summer
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