SU sealEarlier this spring I attended a Syracuse University alumni event where the Dean of the Whitman School of Management, Kenneth Javajecz, was the keynote speaker. Dean Javajecz spent his inaugural year reviewing current Whitman programs and student outcomes. As a result of his analysis, Dean Javajecz outlined new, comprehensive programs to better educate skillful business leaders of the future.

To better educate and train students for career placement, the Dean has implemented programs and timelines at each level of study. Plans are in place to increase the rigor and quality of coursework, while improving student engagement and depth of study. The Dean believes that strong academics in the classroom coupled with experiential learning will prepare graduates for the business world. Currently, all Whitman students are required to participate in an internship during their tenure. Now students will be required to be Excel certified. The Dean and faculty believe that mastering Excel will give students an advantage in the workforce and open more promotion opportunities.

In the fall of 2014, Whitman will introduce the IMPRESS Program, which will hone the soft skills necessary to be successful in the business world. Employers are seeking employees who have not only acquired academic knowledge and real-world experiences, but who have also mastered the strong interpersonal and communication skills necessary to build meaningful work relationships and make strong managers. The IMPRESS Program’s goal is to facilitate strong skills in team building and leadership and to sharpen presentation and persuasive skills, which are necessary to thrive and advance in the work place.

It is Dean Javajecz’s hope that these new programs will help boost Whitman in the rankings and be among the top 30 business schools in the very near future. Whitman is committed to educate and prepare students to become global business leaders for the 21st century.



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Business School Dean launches programs for the 21st century
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