rio-1512644_1280If you’re like me, you’ve been glued to your TV each night watching the Olympic games. I love watching the nail biting performances and hearing the inspirational backstories of the Olympians. Writing a college essay is much like preparing for a winning Olympic performance. It goes like this:

Begin with a dream A solid essay starts with an idea. For most students, finding a topic comes after brainstorming several possible ideas. Ask yourself the question, “What do you want colleges to know about you?”

Set your goal Select a solid topic. Begin drafting your essay. For some that means starting with an outline and for others it means free writing your thoughts and organizing later.

Practice Writing a winning essay requires writing, more writing and rewriting until you perfect your thoughts in an organized, concise manner using your authentic voice. Try using dialogue, metaphors when appropriate and an active voice. Use a thesaurus but do not use big words to impress.

Zero in on the troubled spots Read your essay out loud to help identify the rough spots. It is amazing how you can hear mistakes you might otherwise autocorrect when reading silently.

Follow the rules Make sure you answer the prompt and stay within the word count.

Final run through Proof read for grammar, punctuation and spelling. And then proof again.

Night before (submitting) Let it rest. Do not submit the night before it is due. Set the essay aside a day or two before submitting. Then, proof one last time before pressing the button!

The final (reward) When it’s complete the reward is a solid, unique story only you can tell. And, that is something to be proud of!



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Going for Gold…A Winning College Essay
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